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Westgate Tunnel

The West Gate Tunnel Project will be built over five years, opening in 2022 to provide an alternative to the West Gate Bridge, quicker and safer journeys and remove over 9000 trucks from residential streets in the inner west.


In the Tunnels precinct the Victorian government is building:

  • Twin tunnels under Yarraville between the West Gate Freeway and the Maribyrnong River
  • Entry and exit portals where the tunnels connect with surface roads
  • Ventilation structures at each tunnel exit to remove air from inside the tunnels
  • Tunnel safety features for smooth operation of the tunnel, including automatic detection for over-height trucks, fire systems and emergency access and exits.


The Tunnels precinct is one of the project’s three construction precincts and includes many more aspects.


Bamford Rocks is assisting with some of the rock tests that will aid in the design and construction of the tunnels.