Bamford Rock Testing Services | Experts in Rock Strength, Excavatability and Abrasivity Testing for Mining and Tunnelling Projects | Capabilities & Services
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Capabilities & Services

The main areas of expertise provided by Bamford Rock Testing Services are:


  • Measuring the physical and mechanical properties of rocks, for the design of tunnels and mines
  • Characterising the abrasiveness of solid and fragmented rocks and soils, as it affects the difficulty of dredging, trenching and soft-ground tunnelling in these materials, and to what extent the machinery will suffer wear
  • Characterising rocks in order to predict the performance of rock excavating machinery. These capabilities can be applied to numerous applications including tunnels, infrastructure, quarries, oil and gas, and mining projects.


Dr Bill Bamford has developed a number of standard suites of tests for more specific applications which include:

  • Diamond Drilling
  • Percussive Drilling – DTH
  • Percussive Drilling- top hammer
  • Raise and Shaft Drilling over 2 m diameter
  • Raise Borers under 3 m diameter
  • Road Headers
  • Rotary Drilling
  • Trenching
  • Tunnel Boring Machines – Soft ground and hard rock


A summary of the the tests involved for predicting excavability and machine performance for each of these applications is available Here.


The matrix below summarises our technical services offering, and additional information on testing services (including recommended sample sizes, as well as full Test Descriptions) is available in these documents.


Alternately, contact us at for further information.