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Bravo Bill Bamford, his colleagues and the AGS!

Bravo Bill Bamford, his colleagues and the AGS!

On Wednesday evening, 23rd March, at the Windsor Ballroom in Melbourne, AGS Victorian chapter, held its 50th Anniversary dinner.

A wonderful occasion to celebrate 50 years of growth, service and innovation in Geomechanics in Victoria and at a national level.

At this special occasion, AGS chose to honour five of its members with Honorary Life Memberships – Professor Ian Johnston, Dr Chris Haberfield and our own Dr Bill Bamford who were present on the night; unfortunately Max Ervin and Dr Fred Baynes were unable to be there but will receive their honour at a later time.

Chris Coulson spoke glowingly of Bill’s career from his early time at the Snowy (1.0) through academia and to the present time in his eponymous business. Bill’s response highlighted the coincidences and arcs of his work from Sputnik and Tantangara to Snowy 2.0; Melbourne Underground Rail Loop to the Melbourne Metro; as well as his delight in the history of other pioneers in geomechanical engineering and navigation (you had to be there!).

We look forward to working more with Bill in the future.

Photos to follow.

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