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Bill Bamford participated in the Legends Panel Discussion last night as part of the ATS’ 50th Celebrations. It was appropriate that he was there as he was a key figure to the formation of the Society in 1972 and organised some of its major international achievements, including the 1983 ISRM Congress, the 1987 World Tunnel Congress and GeoEng 2000.

He answered questions about his role in setting up the Australian Tunnelling Society and what he thinks about preparation for young engineers to become involved in tunnelling. He shared the panel with Diane Mather and Arnold Dix, and they were asked questions by Rachael McCarrison.  The discussions were witnessed by a live audience in Melbourne, broadcast to Sydney and Brisbane audiences, as well as online.

The love for tunnelling was evident as was a recognition that continuing work for engineers was to involve themselves in making the case for intergenerational infrastructure and planning in a way that engineers are so good at – creatively and passionately.

PHOTOS to follow


On Wednesday evening, 23rd March, at the Windsor Ballroom in Melbourne, AGS Victorian chapter, held its 50th Anniversary dinner.

A wonderful occasion to celebrate 50 years of growth, service and innovation in Geomechanics in Victoria and at a national level.

At this special occasion, AGS chose to honour five of its members with Honorary Life Memberships – Professor Ian Johnston, Dr Chris Haberfield and our own Dr Bill Bamford who were present on the night; unfortunately Max Ervin and Dr Fred Baynes were unable to be there but will receive their honour at a later time.

Chris Coulson spoke glowingly of Bill’s career from his early time at the Snowy (1.0) through academia and to the present time in his eponymous business. Bill’s response highlighted the coincidences and arcs of his work from Sputnik and Tantangara to Snowy 2.0; Melbourne Underground Rail Loop to the Melbourne Metro; as well as his delight in the history of other pioneers in geomechanical engineering and navigation (you had to be there!).

We look forward to working more with Bill in the future.

Photos to follow.

If you are interested in having some rock samples tested for an engineering project – please contact BRTS through the website or by phone (03 9329 2818).

We are able to advise you on the best testing for your particular job and its requirements. Rock strength? Machine bits wearing out too quickly? Abrasive rocks where you’re digging? Yes to all those and more.

Dr Bill Bamford and other laboratory staff can help you with your questions, suggest a suite of appropriate testing and deliver results in a timely and professional manner.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Mahdi Miri Disfani giving Bill his AGS Life Membership Certificate.


Dr Bill Bamford has received an honorary life membership of the AGS. One of 15 exceptional geotechnical professionals to be awarded an inaugural Life Membership, Bill has played a significant part in supporting the geotechnical profession in Australia. The June issue of the Australian Geomechanics Journal listed their contributions and accomplishments.

The introduction of honorary life membership in this, the AGS’ 50thanniversary year, is a fitting tribute to Bill’s work and the advancements he made in geotechnics in Australia.